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Microfest is an evening festival, an immersive aural, visual and social experience. The performers highlighted at Microfest come from different musical realms. They are threaded together by a common element. Each performer lives and breathes their art. They are possessed. This is their common ground. They are fixated on their music, their content, their message, their riffs and most importantly the present. The best artists are the performers who are so present that they draw the audience into the moment with them and Microfest is the culmination of these artists generating pulses across the spectrum of perceivable electromagnetic waves from the physical vibration of the bass through to violet light.

Come to Micro to be Macro.


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Julie-C can best be described as 100. Everything this Seattle artist, activist and educator does is 100 percent. From inspiring the minds of youth to inspiring and invigorating the hiphop scene she uses her energy to impact change. Julie-C is a message artist, a mission artist. When you come to a show, a rally or a neighborhood organizing event you’ll leave with more than what you came with. She is setting the tone for the evening with high energy beats, chant-able, interactive lyrics and an inspiring message. Don’t miss this trail blazer. Pregame early. Show up early.

Rocket Tha Prophet

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Rocket Tha Prophet makes what he describes as “sad music.” And when he brings his lyrics and beats alive on a stage every ounce of emotion he writes with rush over the room. It’s a truly cathartic experience. With beats drenched in reverb, structured around heavy guitar riffs it is definitively Mosh Rap. I have had his album on repeat many days. I suggest spinning it a few times before seeing him at Microfest.


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BEARAXE bounce between funk, punk, jazz, rock and blues (sometimes in one song) with ease. They evade definition. These musicians craft their riffs and execute with skill from the heart. Shaina Shepherd is a vocalist who’s style is alien to the current landscape. Her tone is unique. Her delivery is emotive and her range is downright impressive. As an observing actor you are absorbed into the world they build around you.


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Maklak’s riffs take you some place else. They bob and weave. They draw you in, leave you hanging on the edge of a cliff just to push you over. This is “frenzied mosh pit” worthy music. They stop you and turn you around. They speed you up and slow you down. They are a white rapids river and you, my friend, are a tourist that thought a rafting trip would be fun… Said another way, Mikel Perkins deep, heartfelt delivery of contemplative lyrics give this energetic, riffy band a meaningful sublayer.

Mind Beams

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Aptly named, Mind Beams, shoot beams of sound directly into the depths of your mind. Mind beams are a musician’s band. Dynamic control, vicious time changes, soundscapes made of dreams and brutal breakdowns. Mind Beams is a band who’s music is a journey. Close your eyes and allow their vocalist​, Meredith, to take you by the hand through the field of tones and the dark forest of ornate sine waves to the sunset of all sound.

John Theroux

John is a creator of worlds. Using pixels to paint on screens often for Screens (the band.) he creates layered visuals that inspire and transport. Take a look.

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