Crystal Fuzz in an experiment. It is an adventure. It’s a person, an action. It’s video and audio. It’s music. It’s community.

About me


I’m community oriented. I like shooting shows for friends and putting together little collages of their performances. I like doing release videos for Albums and EPs and I like doing them for trade. I like doing them on the cheap because I’m a musician too. I like blending images. I like stuttering frames. I like editing as a whole. I love being on set. I love being a part of someone’s story.


I love mic placement. I’m old school in the studio. I want to capture the best performance and accent the beautiful things that happened in that performance. I love real reverb. “Put a mic at the end of the hall,” I say. I love live engineering. I love being a part of big shows.


I’m a programmer and composer. I am a rapper, a rocker and a folker. I love lydian. I love really weird stuff and I love straight forward pop.

An experiment in experience